Ideas para MI Fiesta: Ideas para Tu Piñata de Princesas

Ideas para Tu Piñata de Princesas

Piñata castillo princesa, rosa, purpura y amarillo   -   Princess Castle pinata purple pink and yellow

Castle princess pinata, made for my daughter birthday,expended about $10.00 , used two boxes, two swimming noddles from dollar tree, 3 rolls of crepe paper also from dollar tree, and a roll of foiled raping paper, oh an a pack of birthday hats for the roofs.:

Castle pinata:

Diy princess pinata! Made it for my little princess!:
Ideas para Tu Piñata  de Princesas
Purple Princess Castle Custom Hand Made Pinata by angelaspinatas

Princess Castle Hand Made Custom Pinata princess bitrhday decoration disney princess princess party pinata on Etsy. Www

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